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Butch and Teresa Clark

Owner and Operators


Butch and I have been a team for thirty five years now.  We have raised three son’s and in return they have given us ten grandchildren at last count!We have always loved the country and raising animals of all sorts.  Being able to raise our own beef, pork and poultry meant everything to us and to be able to continue to do that as well as be part of a worthy cause is great thing.Please continue to visit our site as we will add many things over the next few years including sales of the Traditional Dexter Cattle as well other items we are hoping to build upon.  Thank you so much for checking out our site!

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About Us

Our Background

Butch grew up in Dexter Michigan and I grew up in Whitmore Lake Michigan.
We married in August of 1986 and started planning our escape to the country.  Alas, it would take us over 20 years but we finally got here. 
We began with one Bay Quarter Horse whom we came to love very much.  We then added a beautiful POA to the mix so we could ride together. All was great for awhile but then Bay became ill with Potomac fever and due to an already compromised respiratory system, he did not survive.
Soon after we got the horses, along came dairy feeder Holsteins.  Our two younger sons would go on to raise Holsteins throughout their high school years.  Beyond that Butch and I really had nothing to do except for the horses of which we added a Pinto Arab and the chickens.
Finally, we decided to seriously look into the small breed of cattle called “Dexter”. Butch had been looking into them for several years and made the mistake of taking me to see them.  Once I saw Rand it was a done deal!  He was so cute and with him came a noble cause…. Preservation.
So here we are….. two years into our new venture.

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The Smallest Partner

Lili is a nine year old force of nature that works very hard for the cattle that she loves so much.  Nothing is too much (even when we wish it was!), rain, snow or blazing heat she is out scooping the poo, carrying the hay and delivering lots of yummy fruits and veggies to her “buddies”. All of this makes, this little girl a very valuable member our farming team!

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