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Projects for our Future


Our Main Plan is to build a small herd for breeding and sales.  We are expecting in the Spring of 2018 and we are so eager to see what comes next

Legacy began in an effort to raise awareness among Dexter breeders of imported bulls/semen of animals bred from the English upgrade/appendix registry. The US dexter associations at no time in their history ever permitted upgrading(outcrossing). A Legacy founder discovered these upgraded bloodlines and their overwhelming presence in the US registrations. US breeders had never been advised of the upgraded/outcrossed bloodlines and the traditional foundation pure bloodlines in the US were disappearing at an alarming rate.

Breeders interested in preserving these bloodlines were required to DNA genotype their cattle and to parentage confirm their calves to maintain integrity in the preservation effort. UCD-VGL was the choice for this testing. Legacy also worked to make a DNA record of all the oldest Dexters in the US using donated funds. As the DNA database and interest in the preservation effort grew Legacy began to expand the testing and registration program to all Dexter owners.


These rare breeds are part of our
national heritage and represent a
unique piece of the earth's
biodiversity. The loss of these
breeds would impoverish
agriculture and diminish the
human spirit. We have inherited a
rich variety of livestock breeds. For
the sake of future generations, we
must work together to safeguard
these treasures.

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